Courtney Tianne Brooks grew up in Southern California—living in the mountains when she was young and then moving to Murrieta, CA, where she lived until December 2019. She attended Murrieta Mesa High school, and, after high school, she took a semester of an uncredited bible college in Kauai, HI.

While Courtney might sound like your average young Southern California girl, who played basketball and ran track in high school (with a focus on the hurdles event), she is far from any typical stereotype. When she was 8 years old, Courtney started Taekwondo, trained for four years, and received her black belt at only 12.

Her mother was the encouragement—having both her and her siblings take taekwondo for the self-defense and discipline aspect that martial arts brings. Courtney even took it one step further and participated in some sparring competition when she was younger.

But when Courtney went back to the sport about a year ago and didn’t get the intensity she was looking for; she didn’t go looking for anything other form of fighting at the time. It was then that she stumbled across the movie “Million Dollar Baby” and got inspired.

It was that inspiration that led her to search kickboxing gyms and in September 2020, she found Carlsbad Kickboxing Club and hasn’t looked back.

“I took a class a couple days later and absolutely loved it,” she says. “It felt like home, I signed up and dove right in and haven’t slowed down!”

As for where she goes from here, Courtney says she would like to start doing competition fights and train to work her way up in the fight world. “I am definitely interested in training in other forms of fighting like ground fighting for example, but my main style and focus will be on muay thai” she says.

Since starting her new martial art focus, she has also found a new love in teaching, especially the kids classes. “I’ve always loved working with kids,” she says. And while right now her main focus is being able to work and train to get herself to a place where she can compete, the idea of teaching full time after she has accomplished what she wants to is definitely something she is interested in.

“I love to share fitness in any way possible, whether teaching kids muay thai or personal training in the gym,” she says. “I am going through my NASM certification to become a personal trainer and to dive further into the world and knowledge of fitness.”