Good vibes are more than simply feeling that jab of positivity. Good vibes are about feeding off other people’s energy and having that sensation that something just feels right.

Although there are many cognitive explanations for why people pick up on negative cues or on positive cues, it actually goes deeper. According to scientific research, a person’s nervous system can pick up on chemical signals in any physical space—whether it be a boxing gym, a home, a work environment or any other space—and those signals ultimately have something to do with feeling a good vibe.

It is common knowledge that exercise will bring more happiness, enhanced mood and better self-esteem but what you might know is the the vibe of the place you are headed—whether it be a boot camp, a fitness gym and especially a boxing gym—is the key to that happiness.

Below are just a few ways the vibe at a boxing gym can affect you.

SPACE IS KEY: Have you ever been to a gym or boxing gym where it had the cardio, martial arts, yoga, boot camp, muay thai or whatever other combination of exercise you might have been looking for, but it gets super busy in the morning, and the group exercise classes are in the middle of the gym floor? You know you have, and it means that you have nowhere to stretch or complete strength sets when they take up all the room. That throws off the vibe so having your own personal space is essential.

DISTRACTION: If you are anything like me, you notice and are affected by everything when exercising in public. Whether the usual group of regulars aren’t there, it is too hot, one of the lights is out, or you are unable to get your favorite punching bag, it can throw off your entire routine. Not having a usual pattern, schedule and general goal or idea in mind of what you are getting yourself into can be a major workout killer.

MOTIVATION: It’s now about how much experience your coaches or trainers have. And it isn’t about how great they are (or claim to be). It is about surrounding yourself with fitness coaches and trainers that have confidence, can back up that confidence, and those who make you feel confident, provide motivation, and can push you to reach beyond the goals you have set for yourself.

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