Whether your boxing gym has all the latest equipment, the most well-trained instructors and all the right classes, none of that matters if the first impression customers receive is less than par. As with meeting new people, first impressions are important when it comes customer interactions.

Meet 20-year-old Mattea Thompson, one of the key faces you will come across at the front desk at Carlsbad Kickboxing Club.

While some might think the front desk is an easy job, Mattea would agree that it is the touchpoint of nearly everything that happens at the Club. “Those personal interactions can say a lot about your gym,” she says.

Mattea grew up playing soccer, but always loved rough housing with her three brothers, which is perhaps what first attracted her to the sport of boxing. Since officially joining the team in the spring in 2019, she has continued practicing the sport and has implemented two muay thai classes per week with some additional personal training with coaches as well.

A true ambassador for the brand, Mattea takes her role seriously. “I want people to feel at home when they are here. Everyone who enters the front door should be treated exceptionally well and feel welcome.”

Her ultimate goal? “To maintain a strong sense of personal responsibility for the well-being of the Club’s members. I want to continue contributing to helping them reach their personal and life goals.”

While she loves meeting new people, it is Mattea’s passion and love for the job that sets Carlsbad Kickboxing Club above other gyms. “Every interaction is meaningful and could result in someone making a choice to turn their life around and accomplish their goals.”

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