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All About Lyndsay

by | May 17, 2022

Lyndsay Graham, grew up in California and currently attends Mira Costa College. The 21-year-old new face at the Carlsbad Kickboxing Club front desk joined the gym because she wanted to surround herself in a healthy and happy work environment.

“I wanted to be in a place that challenges my performance both mentally and physically,” she says. “What attracted me here was not only an opportunity to learn, but a place where I am inspired/encouraged to share my newfound passions within the fitness industry.”

In the short time since she started, she has made friends that treat her as family, and found an uplifting and supportive community like no other.

“I hope within these next couple of years of my life to travel the world, explore myself, and continue to help and share what I love most with other people,” Lyndsay says. “I would love to expand my knowledge in the health & wellness community, and possibly obtain a degree in nutrition and/or psychology.”


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