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Meet Isabella

by | Dec 15, 2021

Raised in La Jolla, CA, what you might not know about Isabella, CKC’s front desk friendly face, is that she has an entrepreneurial spirit. She attended community college while figuring out what she wanted to do as a career, while at the same time, ran an online jewelry business that she started in high school as well as an online fashion resale business—both of which she still operates today.

She started training at CKC after moving to Carlsbad in August 2020 and talked a lot to the staff when she would come in. After about two months of being a member, Rolando asked if she wanted to join the team. “I’ve worked a few other high energy/customer service/sales jobs prior to working for CKC and was previously a member at a few other gyms she said. But what she loves about CKC is that “they’ve created a place that allows each of us to thrive while just being ourselves.”

The endless amount of support, energy and love she receives is what she appreciates most from the job. “When I moved to Carlsbad, I had to find a new gym and was hesitant to try a class at CKC because I didn’t want to train anywhere other than my home gym. When I got here, I was amazed.”

The energy at CKC is unlike any other gym she has been to. “When you walk in it feels like you’re walking into your home, everyone greets you, everyone asks how your day was, the staff is genuinely interested in getting to know you,” she says.

Other gyms don’t have the same friendly vibe and are run like it is just a business. And it isn’t about just staff, but the members seem to be the same way. “I didn’t realize how important that was until I got here and experienced CKC energy.”

As for her future, Isabella says she plans on graduating college next year with an advertising degree with focus on creative direction. “Working at CKC has really helped me gain lots of experience in that realm,” she says. She has even recently taken on more responsibility by taking a closer look at numbers, creating sales goals, personal goals and other ways we can motivate the team to strive forward. We look forward to what’s in store for Isabella.



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