We Will Come Out Stronger Because of This

In 2007, Florina Petcu represented USA Muaythai at the IFMA tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. At the time, she had only four fights but the opportunity was available and she wanted it bad. With some amazing teammates who were very supportive, she wanted to represented the US to the best of her ability.

Before the tournament started, her shin was very badly injured. Her first fight was against Turkey and the nerves set in. It wasn’t her best performance, but she won despite the nerves and despite the shin injury.

She was the underdog, but knew she deserved to be there. She gained confidence, won her second fight versus South Africa but by the time she got to her third and final fight against Russia, her shins were in pain and she was told she should pull out of the tournament.

For her, like so many small businesses in this environment, quitting just wasn’t an option. The decision ended up being controversial but she finished the tournament as the silver medalist.

What asked what she learned from it, she said that she was proud of the fight, left everything she had in there, and that things happen for a reason.

Carlsbad Kickboxing Club also believes that setbacks, like Petcu’s for example, will help you come back stronger and force you to go to places you didn’t think were possible. Carlsbad Kickboxing Club owner Rolando Montano says that while the pandemic certainly presents its challenges, it forced him and his team to navigate the unknown, and the setback will certainly make them stronger.