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Zachary Compos

by | Aug 11, 2022

Zachary Compos is from Encinitas, CA. Born and raised as a local San Diego resident, he has played tons of sports throughout his life.
Zach recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree of science in foods and nutrition from San Diego State University.
When he first joined the club, he really enjoyed what a positive learning environment the gym had. “The gym also felt like it had a very tight group of members who you could tell had known each other for years and we’re always willing to impart their wisdom upon new members,” he says. In addition, the coaches were extremely patient and made an active effort to get to know each member by name and answer any questions they could, he says.

“It’s been amazing to get to see the growth in the club over these past few years. We have a fantastic crew of trainers in the shop every day and set out with the intention to teach new things, reinforce the old things, and perfect everything,” he says. “They are always very intentional with their time and how they spend it but always know how to extend a hand and make people smile and laugh the whole time. The working environment there as well as the training environment there is one of a lot of fun, adventure, and growth.” 
Zach also has aspirations to extend his knowledge to other trainers, aspiring trainers, or the average person just needing to figure out how to get started. “I ultimately want to be a professor and teach in the fields of nutrition, kinesiology, physiology, and anatomy. I really enjoy being able to impart my wisdom on others as well as have others in part their wisdom in areas that they are experts in on me. I love learning and teaching and I’m excited to invest in any way that I can that will further Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, it’s trainers, and its members.”


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